earthalliance is a global partnership of companies who are supplying the Geophysics and Geoscience industry with leading-edge products, software and services:

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IDS Ground Penetrating Radar, Interferometric Radar for Displacement Monitoring, Radar Solutions
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earthalliance - goals:

Continuous innovation and common R&D crate new concepts for the Geoscience industry

Focus on turnkey solutions and productivity maximize customer’s success

Integration of approved partner products ensure complete system solutions

Worldwide representatives provide customer support anywhere anytime with service centres in many countries

earthalliance - basic values:  


Long-term tradition and firm history has resulted in an extensive technical know-how in developing and producing geo-instruments for our customers worldwide

High investments in the technical training of our experts keeps us at the forefront of advanced technologies when designing new products


To meet our customer’s requirements, today and in the future, we do continuous front-end research to improve our products and to development new products

With innovative leading edge technologies we create new applications and solutions for our customers

To provide complete systems for specialized applications of our customers, software, accessories and supplementary products from partner companies are integrated


The outstanding Pre-Sales Service includes system planning, field demonstration, individual system configuration and customization, logistic support and flexible financing options

Just in time delivery is of high priority

The outstanding After-Sales Service includes training, mentoring program with application consulting, crew start-up support, frequent software updates, instrument rental pool and hotline for spare part orders


Survey efficiency and high data quality of our products and software are significant benefits for our customers

Products and software are designed for high resolution surveys, where cost, portability, ease of use and robustness are essential

To achieve these goals, strong quality control systems are applied